Cows at the Rijks


Go to the Rijks Museum website Is Better if you do it on a computer, but a tablet or a phone also works. On the Menu bar choose the Rijksstudio.


Using the searcher, look for the painting "Cows in the meadow near a farm" by Paulus Potter. If you are working on a computer you will need to download the image. 


*I recommend creating an account at the Rijksstudio. It is an AMAZING education resource. 


Create a conversation with your family about the painting. You can ask: what do you see in this image? Can you find the black cow? Can you find the white cow? How many cows can you see? What kind of animal is the one laying on the left bottom corner? Can you find the bird? What other animal do you see? What sound is the black cow making? Can you make up a name for each cow? 


Now it is time to create your own story around the image. You can answer this questions as guidelines.

- Who are the people in the painting? What are their names?

- What are they doing?

- Are the cows happy? Sad?

- Is there any particular cow you see has a different mood?

- Why does she have that mood? 

Get your creativity flowing! 

*You can also plan a visit to the Rijksmuseum and do this activity in front of the original painting. You can find it in room 2.28